• Birthday Preview #1: Office ProjectOur Resources for Office Staff Are Back

    As part of our birthday prep, we finished out the alphabet with new characters found in the medical practice environment! Check out our website soon for new features and resources for these key staff members and personalities in the business of medicine.

  • Open for 2018 Enrollment!Its time to get your MIPS on

    SCG Health developed six measures for the 2018 year to do our part to stem the opioid epidemic and to help anesthesia providers report quality data. Check out what we're up to and feel the SCG Health difference in your practice.

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  • Seven days of birthday.We're 7! Happy Birthday to SCG Health!

    Join us in celebrating our annual milestone to shake up the healthcare industry! We've got seven days of previews to share what we are up to.

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  • Our latest news

    Don't have time to keep up? We follow the news and post relevant news articles every day.

    Follow @jsearfoss for your news clips. And for company news, check us out at @SCGhealth.

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