What We do

SCG Health is a healthcare informatics company. We specialize in three related areas of data work: Physician Data (credentialing/contracting); Data Distribution (send data to Medicare - PQRS/MIPS); Data Accuracy (audits).

The SCG Health Difference

SCG Health specializes in making regulatory burdens more approachable so that you can plan how to respond with limited resources and time. Choosing the right measures to report for the Medicare quality programs is hard. A well-functioning quality reporting plan requires a combination of:

  • Clear, leadership endorsed quality metrics and goals for data capture
  • Robust reporting functions tracking metrics and reportable instances
  • Frequent staff training, reinforced with human resources policies and financial support

SCG Health helps to identify the relevant quality metrics for Medicare quality reporting. We then stands beside clinicians and office staff to evaluate, implement, support and optimize work flow to capture the right data.

The SCG Health Advantage

SCG Health takes your “Performance not documented” and automatically converts them over to performance not met. This i turns, increased your reporting rate to 100%

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