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10 Tips For Getting Hired In The Healthcare Industry

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

By Clay Dubberly, Intern

If you’re looking for a job that pays well, work in healthcare. The healthcare industry is expected to grow 18% by 2026, which outpaces the rate of any other field.

Here’s a list of 10 tips to keep in mind before your interview with a health employer:

1. Be confident.
Do you believe in your capabilities to learn new skills, perform at a certain level, attain a goal, or achieve your own definition of success? Jim Taylor of psychology today defines this as confidence, and emphasizing that confidence precedes success. Be ready to discuss your goals, past successes, and even your past failures. Make sure you look your interviewer in the eye as well. 

2. Be passionate.
Your potential employer can tell if you have a passion for patients/customer service rather than the desire for money. The former is preferred. Remember, people come before profit. Highlight your social/communication skills. You can do this as simply as asking, “How are you?” Or saying “Thank you for your time.” If you express that you’re kind, polite, and passionate, you’re more likely to land the job.

3. Be organized.
Are you organized? When you get told something important in the interview, have a pen and paper ready to take notes, as well as a printed copy of your resume, regardless of whether or not your interviewer has already seen it. 

4. Have questions ready to ask.
You’ll come off as prepared and intelligent if you have questions ready to ask when you’re prompted for them. You can ask about what tasks you’d be given, when your expected start date would be, or something about the company that you were unable to find online. 

Note: It’s inappropriate to ask about benefits during your interview. Asking basic pay/salary information is acceptable, however. 

5. Have a good answer to, “Why did you apply to work for us?”
Jennifer Searfoss, the CEO of SCG Health said that once someone replied to this question with, “Honestly, I don’t remember applying.” Do you think they got the job? 

Be ready to discuss your values, how they align with the organization, and what skills you can bring to the table as well as what you can take away.

7. Be flexible.
Flexibility doesn’t mean accepting a double eight-hour shift when another RN calls out, but rather being able to adapt to different situations, accept and adapt to changes in the healthcare world, or even a revamping of your own responsibilities. Flexibility can also encompass cross-training, or learning different skills for other roles so that way you can cover for someone who’s sick, thereby making yourself more valuable to the company.

8. Have a personalized cover letter/resume that highlights what matters.
Make sure you highlight what’s relevant when you send your resume out. For example, if you’re applying work at the front desk (which is something you’ve done before) but your resume has your experience as a daycare owner at the top but your prior work as a front desk receptionist at the bottom, you should switch the two. 

If you’re sending a cover letter in, make sure you clarify why you want to work for the company, why you think you’d be a good fit (as we discussed in point five), and make sure your spelling and grammar is error-free. 

9. Do your research.
Conduct an in-depth review of the company. Figure out its chain-of-command, values, mission statement, vision, services/products offered, website, and social media. The more you know, the better your answer to “Why do you want to work for us?” will be. 

You’ll also be making sure that it’s actually an organization you’d want to work for.

10. Prepare to be researched.
What does this mean? It means that your name will more than likely be searched online.
If you have a Facebook picture of you clearly intoxicated stumbling alongside a keg while holding a beer on your Facebook photos, you might want to consider taking that down.
If you have anything else on any of your social media profiles -- Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter -- that you wouldn’t want your parents or grandparents to see, your potential employer probably shouldn’t see it either.

While the healthcare industry is booming and admittedly is different from other fields, an interview at a medical facility is just like an interview anywhere else. These 10 tips will help you anywhere you go, whether you’re applying as a medical assistant or a receptionist. Good luck!

P.S. Did you know SCG Health is hiring?

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