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ICD-10 Codes to Get You Through the Holidays

Monday, December 25, 2017

By Audrey Landers

I love the Holiday season, it is by far my favorite time of the year, but even I can admit that the traditions I look forward to are pretty strange. The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a transformative time, the air takes on a surreal quality as people put up lights, spend entire paychecks on gifts for people they may not even like and cut down enormous trees only to attempt to keep them alive for just a few weeks inside their own homes. It only makes sense that the injuries that arise during this time of the year can be just as unique as the season itself. To help you get through the holidays, I’ve taken the liberty of pulling a few ICD-10 codes you may find yourself needing.

Y93.D1 Activity, Knitting or Crocheting
From scarves to sweaters, as grandmothers and hipster millennials across the country rush to finish their homemade presents, don’t be surprised to find a few with knitting-related injuries in your waiting room.

R46.2 Strange and Inexplicable behavior
In families that celebrate Christmas, mothers may find that their children are acting a little different. They put their toys away, eat all their vegetables, and may even vacuum the living room without being asked! Surely something must be wrong. Not to worry though, Timmy and Susie are just doing their best to make sure they end up on the Nice List this year.

Z63.1 Problems with relationship with in-laws
It’s a stressful time of the year, and can put a huge strain on relationships. From unexpected extended stays to missed Christmas brunches. You can’t get through the season without someone’s feelings getting hurt.

R45.4 Irritability and anger & Y92.810 Car as the place of occurrence
Road rage happens all year round but it is exacerbated by holiday travel. Drivers will be getting angry everywhere you go: from the grocery store, to the mall and especially at the airport. 

W13.2XXS Fall from, out of or through roof
Some people get serious about their holiday lights. As houses everywhere begin to brighten up, don’t be surprised if you have one more patients come in needing to be patched up after trying (and failing) to add one more string of lights to the gutter.

W20 Struck by thrown, projected or falling object
When I was younger, my best friend’s only brother got his nose broken when he took a snowball to the face. This code will remain relevant throughout winter as the snow continues to fall, and kids continue to pack it into projectiles.

Z62.891 Sibling Rivalry
Parents will do their best to keep the kids from getting at each others’ throats but things happen. Maybe they miscounted and William got one more present than Peter or perhaps Kelly is mad because her cookie isn’t as big as Rachel’s. Fights will happen, and kids can be pretty brutal both emotionally and physically.

W55.32X Struck by other hoof stock
Santa and his flying reindeer probably don’t follow traffic laws. If your patients aren’t careful on Christmas Eve they could end up like the grandma in the famous song.

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