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Seven Days of Previews: Office Personalities!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

By Audrey Landers

Every office is full of characters, from the organizers and the worry warts to the pranksters and the collectors. Back in 2015 we began a project to categorize these characters, and for SCG Health’s seventh birthday we wanted to give you a special sneak peak of who’s to come:

We will be picking things back up with Credentialing Craig.

Craig is a laid back guy who knows credentialing is all about one thing: documentation! Keeping copies of every email and notes on every phone call helps Craig stay ahead when credentialing physicians.

Each character’s page will be complete with links to references, resources and just about anything else that they (and you) might find helpful. Be sure to keep an eye out for Craig’s official release, as well as his coworkers.

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