Here comes SHERO to the rescue!

SHEROs are the women in healthcare who do their best for everyone else. They can be front desk staff, medical assistants, clinicians and back office personnel. SCG Health knows that every practice has their very own local SHERO who can swoop in and save the day. Maybe she pulled all-nighters to ensure all of your MIPS data got out on time. Or her attention to detail let her catch a huge billing error. Or maybe she brings in flowers to spruce up the office and bring a smile to patients’ faces. No feat is too miniscule or too epic to be considered SHEROIC.

To give these often unsung SHEROs the recognition they deserve, we will be honoring a different SHERO every week this Summer. Does your office have a resident SHERO? You can nominate her to be featured! If we choose her, she’ll not only get to be on the front page of our website, but we’ll also send her some super cool SHERO swag in the mail. She’ll know that even if she doesn’t always hear it, you’re thankful to have her.

(And yes, we do take anonymous nominations from those who wish to keep their secret identity.)

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